Universe Speaks:Why should we not all believe in God, the one and only?

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Why should we not all believe in God, the one and only?


From birth, we begin our journey of life confronting the living universe. This is an incumbent obligation that no on escapes.

Whether we try to ignore intentionally our universe and busy ourselves with ourselves, we cannot escape thinking. It is part of our popular psychology to be curious and ask questions.

This is the starting point for acquiring knowledge.

Whether we use knowledge for our own interests limited to our survival or use it to get to know things for its own value in comprehending the universe, all depends on us.

But as is sure we are confronted with millions of questions and queries in every domain. Whether scientific, artistic or otherwise we inquire naturally into things to satisfy our inborn quest for knowing.

Experience ads to consolidate our theoretical ideas of things. This is empirical knowledge put to proof.

Coming to fundamental questions leaves the specter of thinking open to conjecture.

Who are we? What are we doing here? Where are we going to? Are questions everybody asks himself. But simple questions as such remain absolute mystery.

When we inquire into the nature of things, its essences, its origin, its presence, its structure and its finalities we are launched into the domain of the totally enigmatic unknown.

No one, yet can provide with satisfactory answers of solid arguments. Coming to this point our knowledge of things enters the zone of unanswered responses.

This is the threshold of ignorance. All scientific progress at the present state does not even provide with solid arguments, not even valid indexes of what really is.

When we reduce atoms, itself unknown in presence, nature, structure and finality, to strings (a hypothetical theory) we are totally lost.

We look at things, like life manifestations, stars, galaxies and wonder how all came about.

The Big Bang theory, although accepted by most scientists, rests at best, a hypothesis to be proven. Matter, in its white manifestation or black, remains enigmatic.

How did matter came about? What is matter? Why should there be matter? How come matter is manifested in millions of ways, forms, shapes, colors, energies, cycles, change, development, evolution?

No one can answer, yet.

But manifestations of the universe can be observed to conclude oneness of the universe. There is harmony and homogeneity in the structure and the laws governing matter and its behavior.

Galaxies are made of the same few essential elements nearly twenty in numbers have the same manifestations.

Movement and change, gravitation and specific characteristics of such essential elements are found to make galaxy, stars, every living being as it is. For example:

The fundamental constants of physics are:

Quantity Symbol Numeric values

Light speed c 3x10p8 m/sec

Electric charge of proton e 1,6x10p-10 coulomb of

Emptiness eo 8,85x10p-12 farad m-1

Constant of Planck h 6,63x10p-34 joule sec

Constant of Boltzmann k 1,38x10p-23 joule/K

Mass at rest of proton mp 1,67x10p-27 kg

Mass at rest of electron me 9,11x10p -31 kg

Constant of the gravitation of Newton G 6,67x10p-11m3 kg-1 sec-2

Constant of the weak force gw 1,43x10p-62 joule m3

Constant of the strong force gs 47,4x10p-26m

Length of Planck (Gh/e3)1/2 2x10p-35m

A modest change in the values of these constants results in a radical alteration of the structure of the Universe. The cosmological framework can considerably be transformed, to the point of being sterile to the emergence of life.

The real questions becomes: Where did constants come from? Who made these constants? and who put these constants where they are? and who controls these constants to be what it is?

If you and I did not then there must be something that does it all. This is what we, people who look and see, feel and understand, think and conclude, meditate and comprehend, identify as God.


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Universe Speaks:Why should we not all believe in God, the one and only?

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This article was published on 2010/09/06