The Rich Slaves Of The Universe

in Universe

Poor Little Sun

A Big Mass of Life

A Big Mass of Power

A Big Mass of Talent

Forever Sweating, Giving And Contended


Blazing Forth Light, Power And Talent

For Man To See, Work, Feed And Become Rich

Which Man Can Pay The Sun For All Its Selfless Service To Mankind?

Oh, Poor Little Sun – Just A Slave of The Universe

No Money For Even A Breakfast In The Sky!


Poor Little Moon

A Big Mass of Brightness

Lonely Widow of The Night

Hope of Mankind For A Better Morning -

A New Day of Blessings And Fortunes.

But Invisible Is The Moon In The Morning of Man's Glory


Alone In The Night Sky

Reciting The Cricket's Lullaby, As Children Dream Their Pranks Away

Oh, Poor Little Moon

Just A Slave of The Universe

No Money In The Pocket For Even A Dinner With The Twinkling Stars


Water, Poor Little Aqua

A Lonely Mass of Pond Here

A Lively Mass of Ocean There

A Beating of Rain Hither-Thither

The Spring For Survival, Wealth And Longetivity


Water Has No Enemy In The Universe

It Tugs The Heartbeats of The Mighty And The Weak

‘'A Drop of Water'' Begs The Beggar

‘'A Glass of Water'' Orders The King

‘'Water For The Troops'' Shouts The Commander

Oh, Poor Little Water –

Just A Slave of The Universe: Not Even A Dime For A Measly Loaf!



Poor Little Earth

The Endless Sands of All Ages

The Grounds of Discoveries And Fortunes Still Undiscovered

The Theatre of Life's Drama

The Vault of All Treasures of The Universe

Laboring, Trampled-Upon, And Forever Forgiving Unto Man


A Forgiving, Six Foot Wide-Open Mouth

The Final Abode of Man, The Mortal Taskmaster

Where Hides The Rich Man of Fortune That Can Buy All of The Earth?

Oh, Poor Little Earth

Just Another Slave of The Universe

No Money For Even A Lunch At MacDonald's!


Air - Poor, Little Air

Mighty And Omnipresent

The Invisible Earth of The Universe

Giving Wealth To Life,

Life To Power,

Power To Talent


No Air Means No Life, No Universe.

Can Any King Pay The Wages For All of Air's Selfless Services To Mankind?

Oh, Poor Little  Air –

The King of The Slaves of The Universe

Yet No Money For Even A Bottle of Water To Drink!


Humans, Animals And Plant Earthlings-

The Mortal Tools of Nature.

At The Behest of The Opportunities

Of The Condescending Slaves of The Universe,

Man Is The Unpredictable, Cerebral Beast of The Universe


Always Lusting For Vanities of Fortune, Fame And Power

Hardly Ever Sacrificing, Self-Denying Like The Slaves

Yet No Billionaire Man of Fortune Can Pay The Wages

Of Any One Slave of The Universe.

Who Then Is The Richest Of The Universe –

The Rich Slaves or Opportunistic Man of Fortune?



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The Rich Slaves Of The Universe

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This article was published on 2010/11/02