The Miss Universe

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The Miss Universe

Away from the world,high up in the sky the tired traveller forgot all his anxieties and sorrows.

In the silent slumber of the night with stars and blue moon in the sky he found himself in ecstacy.

He had aspired for these moments through out his life and now the golden moments have arrived.

Miss Universe is standing before him,her diamond eyes and eternal smile are making him forget everything.


The beautiful blue woman gave her number of kisses and in between her arms he forgot himself,

He had tried for it through out his life and now he has got Miss Universe.

He expected lot of things from her and all his expectations were met.

The coolness of the moments freezed all his thoughts and he only felt the woman's embrace.


The silence was cold and preagnant in the arms of the beautiful woman.

The Miss Universe told her many secrets of life and solved all his problems.

He got many solutions to his problems, eternally agitating his mind.

He thanked God for giving him Miss Universe all of a sudden.


He had experienced bliss in the form of  Miss Universe,which he had wanted.

By embracing Miss Universe he forgot the agony of his entire life .

He enjoyed her beauty like a mad traveller,who was thirsty through out the life.

He forgot all the agonies and heat while walking on the desert.


Now he has got Miss Universe in the form of eternal bliss.

The blueness of her beauty was giving him lot of hope and encouragement.

she told him the secrets to meet his dreams and hopes when he was in ecstacy.

He listened the sweet words of Miss Universe with out a break.


He realised that life means  success and achivement and there is no failure in life.

The despairs,agonies and frustrations of the day are only illusory.

Only bliss in the form of a beautiful lady rules the mind all the time.

Coming in contact with that lady he forgot all his down turns.


Life seemed to him like an upward turn and he saw success was waiting for him.

He has to travel only a few distance and all his hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

The preagnant silence of Miss Universe had given birth a beautiful child.

Now he is blessed with a child in the form of success.


He sighed the sigh of relief and thanked God for giving him success in the form of Miss Universe.

The night was becoming silent like any thing and he had become the silence of night.

He slept a divine sleep with ecstacy and bliss.

The morning came with a beautiful sun with a different world for him inside.


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The Miss Universe

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This article was published on 2010/10/03