Quick Guide to Cosmic Ordering For Beginners

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Cosmic Ordering for beginners may seem an impossible concept to understand but it's quite easy to get the hang of. The idea behind placing these orders is that the entire Universe is before you to do your bidding by fulfilling your wishes. The Universe is ready to give you whatever you ask of it. Cosmic Ordering is based on the premise that if you can think of it and desire it, then you can and will have it.

New Age theorists offer the following scientific theory for Cosmic Ordering. They say our reality or the world around us is controlled by electro-magnetic signals. Our emotions give out a magnetic charge and our thoughts give out an electrical charge. These may be very small to measure in a laboratory but they are there nevertheless. So, if you can tune your emotions and thoughts and harness the power of the charge emitted, you can effectively control the universe around you and manifest what you want, say New Age experts.

Clarity of desire - The first step in Cosmic Ordering is to be very clear about what you want. Is it a brand new car or a promotion that you desire? Is it a life of luxury or an exotic holiday abroad that makes you all excited? Whatever you desire should appeal to your heart and help you get all charged up with joy and passion.

Imagination - Cosmic Ordering depends a lot on how well you can imagine possessing something and actually feeling the excitement and joy of having that thing even if you don't. If you want a brand new car can you dream and imagine it exactly as if it were there? Can you feel the car standing in your garage or can you feel the joy of cleaning and washing it? This imagination is one of the steps of Cosmic Ordering.

Order it - There is a subtle difference in the next step in Cosmic Ordering as compared to those who like to harness the Law of Attraction. New Age theorists who believe in the latter say you must continue to imagine and feel the product, thing or event you desired as being real day after day. The imagination will propel the event or product into the realm of reality by your consistent imagining. But Cosmic Ordering experts say once you have imagined what you want and felt the deep desire and satisfaction of possessing it, you place your order before The Universe and let go by forgetting about it. Sooner or later, the event will come to pass or the product you wanted will come to you in some strange synchronous event.

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Quick Guide to Cosmic Ordering For Beginners

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This article was published on 2010/04/01