It Is Being Done

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It Is Being Done

It is being done what he feels always.

His wish is always being carried out.

What ever he thinks positive is being taken care of.

All the negatives are burried inside the earth.

He feels positive vibartions in his body and mind.

The feeling that all his hopes and dreams are being taken care of gives him a lot of relief.

He feels rejuvenated and refreshed and works with courage and confidence.

The echos of his mind give him postive insights.

The universe whispers and dances telling him that it is being done.

He wishes and the universe vibrates and he flourishes.

With the hope that everything is being carried out smoothly he rests.

He works with serenity and calmness and never worries.

He plans and God executes his plans.

His thoughts are being perfectly taken care of by Him.

Moment to moment everything is being perfectly set right.

What ever he feels and thinks is being performed.

In his mental screen he sees his thoughts to be objectified.

May be a good house,abundance and happy family all are being perfectly picturised.

With lot of relief and relaxation he moves.

He rests offering his gratitude to the universe.

The positive vibrations in the body and mind keep him alive and afresh.

Always he feels some where his wish is being carried out.

Thus with lot of happiness and brilliance he comes out.

He sees the world full of positive attributes.

Dispersing in the entire universe he cries out.

Tears roll down from his eyes through his cheeks.

It is the grace of the Lord that everything is being done.

His dreams and hopes are being fulfilled.

Imagining his fulfilled hopes and dreams he sighs with relief.

God is so kind enough Who does not see even a sparrow's fall.

Being a little cerature in the universe he is under His guidance and will reach his goals.

Everything seems to be clear and perfect and he advances with all his heart and soul.

Always resting on the universal secrets he hopes for the best.

In the entire universe he is not alone.

The universe is with him and everything is being carried out from time to time.

What ever he  is thinking and wishing is being taken care of by the divine.

Thus automatically he becomes motivated and accomplishes everything.

Feeling all the powers within he gets a deep insight.

With higher degree of courage and confidence life becomes bright.

He looks to the distant horizon and hears a whisper that everything is beinf done.

In the silence of the night he looks to the clear sky.

The full moon and the stars give him a beautiful mindset removing his vain sigh.

He breathes dynamically and on the mental screen sees his plans to be carried out.

He sleeps inside the slumber of the night with dreams astoundingly sweet.

The dawn comes with all beauty and freshness.

Feeling rejuvenated and refreshed he joins the work place.

He finds that from moment to moment evrything is being perfectly done.

He feels absolute courage and confidence and feels over his head the bright sun.

With all perfection and cheerfulness he advances.

Reaching all hopes and dreams he flourishes.

In the garden of life he sees all the beautiful flowers.

With the fragrance of those happily he rests.

He brings glory to his family.organization and society by his strides.

He becomes a happier being and drives his life boat suitably.

All his anguish disperse in the universe.

Everything is being done what the universe whispers.

He feels to be like a glorious sun illuminating his body and mind.

He sees the real beauty of everything and being.

He advances with all clarity in perception and understanding.

He sees the divine showers of flowers and feels tranquil and serene.

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It Is Being Done

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This article was published on 2012/03/13